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Springwood Nepean Model Aero Club Inc.                                                            

About Us

Springwood Model Aero Club was formed by inaugural members Jim Gibbons and John Ross. The club flew control line aircraft at Summerhayes Park, Winmalee in the Blue Mountains. The club commenced operation in the late 1960’s.

In the early 70’s- 1970 to 1971 the club ran some advertising in the Blue Mountains Gazette to tell people that Control Line flying would be happening in the area. These advertisements attracted some good interest and attendance, increasing the membership by two or three people. The Club continued to fly in Sun Valley during 1973 - 74

In the mid 70’s the club moved to a field behind the Nashua/VISY factory at Russell Street Emu Plains. The field was located near where MacDonald’s is currently. The club flew on Saturday and Sunday afternoons. The reason for not flying Sunday mornings was at the request from the Minister of the local Anglican Church (we believe this is the church located in Short Street Emu Plains), so the club flew after 1:00pm on Sunday afternoons. During this period people in the club started flying radio controlled aircraft on 27Mhz, the preferred radio equipment at this stage was Futaba. Flying at this site ended after a number of noise complaints were made to the local council. We believe the noise was not from aircraft but from the small mini bikes that were around in the 70’s and kids were riding them up and down the storm water drains near the site.

Towards the end of the 70’s the club moved to field called the Strawberry Farm at Cranebrook on the site of the current lakes project. This site was approved by the council and this is the time when the club changed its name from Springwood Model Aero Club to Springwood Nepean Model Aero Club, this was brought about by pressure from Penrith Council. There was even a move to call the club, Penrith Valley Model Aero Club but this never eventuated. The club flew here for a number of years until the Penrith Lakes Corporation moved the club on in the early 80’s. 

Jim Gibbons and John Ross approached the Lands Department about a block of land on Fire Trail Road Castlereagh. There was a meeting scheduled to discuss the proposed flying field at the site with the Lands Department, Penrith Council, Sport and Recreation, RCAS and the RAAF.


It was at this stage the club found out that the proposed airfield was in Military Air Space and there was a drop zone situated not far from the field (which is still in operation). At this time the 36th (Hercules) and 38th (Caribou) squadron’s operated out of Richmond RAAF airbase. The RAAF supported the club operating at the site and a long term lease was signed with the Lands Department for the site to be used as a model aircraft flying field.

Some conditions were put in place by the RAAF regarding the flying of model aircraft in the military air space. One of the conditions was the operation of a radio from the field to Richmond Tower on flying days. On flying days the club would check in with the tower at the commencement of the flying day and check out at the end of the day. If the drop zone was in operation the flying activities at the field would be grounded by Tower until the RAAF operation where completed.  

Club operations commenced at the current flying field on Fire Trail Road Castlereagh in 1980-1981.

During the early 80’s the club was very active in running displays with the RAAF being involved. The club also flew at Schofield’s airport putting on Radio Controlled Displays with the full size aircraft

The club has operated out of this site for over 30 years…