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Whats going on around the club

SNMAC - SIG Weekend  30th April - 1 May  2022

The SNMAC SIG weekend was held over the weekend of Saturday 30th April and Sunday 1st May. Some members dusted off their SIG aircraft and brought them along. Also, some members built some SIG Aircraft for the event.

Saturday was not the best of days weather wise with rain off and on through out the morning but five members braved the elements to fly.

Sunday was a totally different day; the weather was glorious and we had a really good rollup of members and aircraft; SIG and NON-SIG. Members enjoyed an early breakfast from the BBQ and then got down to a great mornings flying.  A lot of talking and some flying, everyone totally enjoyed the social day of flying…  We had a number of SIG aircraft fly on the day, both Control Line and RC models, also a great collection of other aircraft flew on the day.

A great BBQ lunch was provided on the day.

Check out the photos above and in the Photo Albums. Also check out Our Channel for some great videos of the days activities. 

August 2018 Work Weekend

Saturday and Sunday 18th and 19th where very productive. A lot was achieved over the weekend. Thanks to all those members who braved the windy weather. Check out the photos of the working weekend above.

Saturday 3rd June 2017 - Shelter Frame goes up
The frame for the new shelter was erected today, a big thanks to Neil Alleyn’s son, Todd for his assistance today.  Also thanks to those who helped today - many hands make light work.

Work Weekend 6th & 7thMay  2017
A great turn out for the work weekend over the 6th and 7th May. A lot was achieved over the two days. The old shelter was removed and the footings for the new shelter put in place. Cement caps put on the uprights of the new security railing, this completes the work. Front gate gets an other coat of paint. The front wall of the container and door get a coat of green paint to cover some graffiti. The out fields have been mowed and the runways and pit area sprayed for Bindi. Some shrub removal under taken in the outer areas of the runways. Some filling work has been done on the eastern end of the main runway… looks good.
Thanks to all those who could make it over the weekend and help..  Check out the pics below..  Also some video has been loaded on the SNMAC You-tube channel.  

November 2016 .

The new security railing is put in place from the container to the ditch. Thanks to those who gave a hand on the Saturday morning. Check out the photos on the Gallery

Work Weekend 10th and 11th September 2016.
SNMAC had a work weekend on Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th September 2016. What a good turn out of members, 12 people on Saturday and 8 on Sunday, thank you to all those members who attended over the weekend. A lot was achieved over the weekend:-

-The front gate area was cleaned up and the front gate painted.
- All the cut grass was removed from around the runways.
- The area between the container and toilet block was cleaned up.
-The container roof painted
-The pit area was sprayed for Bindi
- A trench was put in to drain the pond at the eastern end on the main runway.
- Repairs to the toilet undertaken.

April 2016 - A great turn out by members to the work days over the weekend of the 9th and 10th April. Thanks to everyone…


Work Weekend 9th and 10th April 2016

SNMAC had a work weekend on Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th April 2016. What a great turn out of members, 14 people on Saturday and 10 on Sunday, thank you to all those members who attended over the weekend. A lot was achieved over the weekend, the car park railing was extended to the ditch, additional concrete blocks placed in the pit area. Security work competed around the field installing poles. Also a number of people attacked the tall grass down the side of the strips, a mammoth effort, the container roof has been repaired and the toilet received its second coat of paint. Finally we spread some dirt down the main runway to fill some holes. Thanks to the Hole digging team.. 13 holes dug on the end of the post hole digger, ground was like concrete.

Some history 

October 2015  Thanks to all those who attended the work weekend on the 24th and 25th October. Have a look in the gallery.  A lot was achieved over the weekend.. Soil was spread on the northern end of the Cross and the eastern end of the Main.  Also the area in front of the pilot box was levelled to some extent. The container received two coats of paint and the toilet one. A new bench seat was installed on the tables and  some preventative work was completed on the trenches.

14/6/2015: Vandalism again at the field. Attempts to cut through the lock and
 also to cut through the gate but luckily did not mange to do so.

17/5/2015: First days flying after the initial repairs by Penrith City Council.. A fantastic job, a big thanks to the Council.  A good crew turned up today to fly..  Dean had some aerial combat with an eagle.. Have a look at the pictures below…
15/5/2015:  Another great days work put in by the Penrith Council. Fantastic Job !!!!
14/5/2015 - Work started today at the airfield to repair the damage over April and May 2015. The work is being undertaken by Penrith Council..
8/5/2015 - Vandals attempted to cut the locking mechanism off the gate  again overnight.
10/4/2015 - More damage to the field . Dean got some really good aerial shots on Sunday the 12th that bring home the total devastation to the field.
6/4/2015 - There was more damage to the Field on Monday Evening 6/4/2015.
4/4/2015 - There was more damage to the Field on Saturday Evening 4/4/2015.  
3/4/2015 - Over the past three weeks the club has had vandals attacking the airfield.
They have damaged the runways on three occasions with the last round of damage in the week before Easter.
Repairs were made to the field last Sunday by a number of club members… thanks for your help. This was to be followed by more damage during the week leading up to Easter.